Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Summer of Overtime

1969 was dubbed the Summer of Love. Woodstock, weed and war protest were the order of the day. Since I was only 7 then, I simply remember the Apollo missions of that day and not much else.

But in the years to come, if you ask me about the Summer of 2008, I will simply have to say, "What Summer?" Work has been busy since April and it hasn't let up much since then and now that August rolls around I wonder what has happened to my Summer!?

Anyway, I'm a Bachelor this week. I dropped Debbie off at the airport on Wednesday morning and she won't return until Saturday. Yep, it's the annual Mary Kay convention in Dallas! 4 days of Hot weather and women that need much less Caffiene. How rah-rah can you get over Makeup? :<) Before 9/11, I use to love picking Debbie up at the Airport after one of these things. I'd watch them all get off the Plane and now wish that I had Videoed it! Mary Kay is a great company and most of their representatives, (LIKE DEBBIE) are great Ambassadors for the product, they look nice and are never over done. BUT--there are also a few that would get off the airplane looking like they were wearing every free sample given away! I mean you would have thought that Drew Carry's, "Mimi" had been cloned! Man, I miss those days! But I sure miss my Baby and Saturday seems like its a month away.

Speaking of baby, I need you all to pray for a baby girl named, Dierra Richardson. Dierra has had many complications since birth and she spent several minutes last week, not breathing. The doctors are not giving the family any hope and she, along with her family need our prayers.

I have some political observations that I want to share but I'm pretty worn out right now so maybe I can post them in a day or two. Thanks for checking in and if you see Mimi, buy some makeup. She'll be jazzed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day late and a buck or too short

Just realized that it was Thursday and I had missed my self-imposed deadline to blog on Wednesdays so I'll attempt to make up for it.

We had a great Revival week end with my Friend, Neil Smith. He really spoke to the Church from what had to be a God place. It was a great weekend. I've never been one for taking up second offerings or drilling people to give in offerings but the Spirit spoke to my heart on Sunday to recieve a second offering for Neil's upcoming trip to Kenya in September. I obeyed what I had been led to do and we took in over $1300 which is literally, phenomanal for our Church! I was thrilled with the people's heart in giving. Narragansett, I'm proud of you!

During our recent Youth Camp one of the newer Young people that we have went. I think she was a little coerced to go by her Grandmother :<) but she went! Harmony was raised in the Islam faith. I don't know all of the details of her life but she recently began living with her Grandmother and started attending Narragansett. During Youth Camp she attended an elective class taught by my Friend and Interim Youth Director, Chris Morrison. The class was about Jesus' sermon on the Mount and how it applies to today. Harmony began to compare the teachings of Christ with what she had been taught in the Islam faith. The result was life changing.

Harmony accepted Christ as her Savior that week and would later tesify that she had been forced to accept Islam and even beaten when she would go against it. The highlight of it all was when she stated, "this week I have chosen to follow Christ!" Her desire now is to become a Youth Pastor and I believe it is something she will achieve.

Her Grandmother e-mailed me this week saying that Harmony had been offered a job at Jewel grocery store but that Jewel had stated that she would have to work Sundays. Harmony said that she wanted the job but that she went to Church on Sunday and if she accepted the job, they would have to schedule her for Sunday afternoons. Jobs aren't easy to come by in our area and most companys would balk at special requests but God has given Harmony favor and Jewel has a Sunday afternoon employee!

I will keep you updated on Harmony from time to time. I have a feeling there will be much more to this story!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Preacher for Sale??

Just when you think you have seen it all-----

Click the title for a Fox News story of an Alabama preacher that has put himself and family on e-bay! What the news story makes clear, but is not clear at all on E-bay, is that you are bidding on One Years salary. Oh yeah, there is also a $3000 shipping cost! LOL

I'm all for "out of the box" kind of thinking but while we may leave the box out, it is imperative that we do not leave the THINKING out!

Of course, who knows? If things don't work out at Narragansett???? LOL

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The sound of Silence

No, I'm not going to go quoting any Simon and Garfunkel lyrics, although that is one of their better songs. What I'm talking about is the sound of a 10 year old being away at Youth Camp. We have had one quiet house this week and I haven't like it one bit!

Perhaps it is because we waited so long for Sam to come into our lives or maybe it's just my twisted nature, but I don't understand Parents wanting a break from their Kids. There are times the boy makes me want to pull the rest of my hair out in frustration but I don't like a single day without him around. I'm sure he has had a blast but we pick him up tomorrow and I can't wait!

On Wednesday, my Mom had another 39th Birthday celebration. (How many does that make, now, Mom?) She was able to celebrate it with my Uncle and his Wife, my Grandmother and of course, Dad. I'm sure it had to be a great and well deserved day.

I've been doing some thinking, (yes, it is a dangerous thing) on the idea of "importance" and how relative it is. For example, let's say that "tomatoes" are important to you on a BLT sandwich. In fact, let's say that to you, it is the most important ingredient involved. Now, while we are here in imagininary land, let's say you order a BLT somewhere and they bring you a BL because they ran out of tomatoes. You could become indignant and rant and rave about "how could you do this" and in the process offend someone that was simply trying to do their best or you could choose to look at it in another way. How truly "important" are your tomatoes, when there are people in this world that would give a weeks wages for Bread?

I know that the analogy is silly. Everyone knows that the most important part of a BLT is the Bacon!!! But sometimes, we need to learn to keep our tomatoes in check because whether we believe it or not, there usually are more important things than the ones we may tend to get hung up on. It's a lesson that God is teaching me the hard way. I hope you can learn from it!

Now, I have sufficently made myself hungry. Think I'll have a BLT!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hello, it's Me!!!

The title is for all of you Todd Rundgren fans out there! Rock on!! But seriously, I have been very negligent in my writing so I thought I would reintroduce myself!

Since the second week of April things have been very, very busy. I've been working an average of 65 hours per week and have had two Saturdays off since April. One of those Saturdays was because of a Vacation day taken on Friday for a trip to Cleveland, Tn. Link that with Church work and there is nor rest for the wicked! LOL

All things considered, things are well. We continue to have new growth at the Church although the Summer slump has hit some of the established crowd. God says I still have to love them! Sigh!! We have our problems and I am currently dealing with a few now but the only Church that I am aware of without problems are ones without people. I'll take the problems and ask for your prayers.

My Son is growing up fast! It's really getting scary. He took a Tech Media class in school this year and sent my Brother, Jeff, an e-mail with the picture of a baby Orangatan with its arms outstretched and a caption that read, "Well, All I can say is that this is my Dad after he's had his morning Coffee!" I'm going to miss that Kid!

I am still enjoying my Running. Averaging about 4 miles per week and getting ready to step it up a bit. I have worked my way through a bad case of shin splints which hurt like the Dickens and I am starting to get back into decent shape. It's been tough but it has also been very enjoyable.

For those of you that check in regularly, I will attempt to write at least once a week from here on out and will attempt to make Wednesday the day I do. I may write more often depending upon what I have to say but will make every effort for the once per week. I do appreciate you taking the time to check in. Please forgive my negligence.