Friday, July 24, 2009

Mountain out of a mole hill?

By now you have probably seen, heard or read the story of the African-American Harvard Professor that was arrested for breaking into his own home. The Media seems bent on fanning the flame and we have even had a Presidential comment on the matter. (that was truly uncalled for)

We are truly living in an upside down world these days. If this was a case of racism then I must have grown a head full of hair! What is wrong with people these days? It appears that we go out of our way to be offended.

Don't get me wrong. I agree that racism still exist but I also maintain that it is a two way street. Here's the point. In my Neighborhood, we have a Neighborhood watch. I've lived here for 11 years and I can't tell you who is on it and I'm sure they don't know me but I would hope that if they saw me or anyone else attempting to pry my front door open, (especially aided by another person) that they would call the Police.

As for the Police, they have an extremely dangerous job where they live and die by judgement calls. I'm sure that when they receive a call about the possible break in or home invasion, the adrenelin starts pumping pretty heavy. If you've ever faced a dangerous situation, you know exactly what that is like. When they arrive, sure, they may have over-reacted. They are human. I'm sure the man maintained that he was the homeowner but let's face the truth, Police are lied to every day and every prisoner in America is "innocent." It's actually not their job to determine guilt or innocence but rather to enforce the law. Last I checked it is against the law to break into someone's home. I truly hope that doesn't change in the name of "civil liberties" or else we may not have a House to go home to.

Frankly, from what I've seen and read, there was over-reaction by everyone involved, including the POTUS. I would hope the Police would react in the same manner regardless of the color of ones skin. I wouldn't mind having to prove that I own my home if faced with a similar circumstance.

Yes, there is still racism in this country but stories like this only weaken the argument. I am currently ministering to a young man in the Cook County Department of Corrections. He is there on 1st degree murder charges. I believe he is innocent and only there because of the color of his skin. It's been nearly a year and he hasn't faced a trial yet because of a lack of hard evidence but every Court date he gets a continuance because he can't afford bond. This is a story of real racism. Hopefully a Harvard Professor is smart enough to see that, maybe even a President?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One mile down----

I visited the Doc this past week for a check up on the Leg and he gave me a clean bill of health. In fact, he told me that he has had Teenagers that had this procedure that haven't done as well as I'm doing. (I've been checking into whether it's proper to tip Doctors after that LOL) He also cleared me to start running again.

So------I ran my first mile today, July 23rd! A week and a day ahead of my goal of August and I ran every bit of it! Yes, I stopped about 4 or 5 times in the process to let my heart catch up but I DID IT. I even made it up Hell Hill. (with a strong emphasis on stopping 4 or 5 times) It felt great and I'm ready to go again but maybe tomorrow. :<)

I have several things for you to help me pray about. Please pray for two ladies named Harmony and Corlyn. Also pray for 2 young men named Marcel and Renard. God knows the needs but they need the prayer.

I'll see you on the track!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

You might be an affluent Red neck--

You might be an affluent Red Neck if you Bar-B-Que in the front yard! In fact, most of my kinfolk would simply say you were living above your raising.

But where ever and whatever you might BBQ this weekend, I wish you a very healthy and happy 4th of July. Take some time this weekend to remember those that still fight for our very freedoms. Freedom has it excellent qualities and in some cases, less than desireable qualities but there is one thing that Freedom never is and that is FREE! It all comes at a cost.

If you have served or are serving in our Armed Services please let me be among the first to say Thank You on this July 4th!