Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today was my Dad's 69th birthday so I want to wish him a Happy Birthday! For a Man that had his first heart attack at 35, has endured stroke, many health related issues and a near fatal Motorcycle accident a few years back, He looks good! LOL

Dad has been my role model in life. One of the toughest Men I have ever met and one that has a heart for God like few I have ever known. No, he is not perfect but he has been close enough for me.

I have a few speaking engagements lined up that I am excited about. On Sunday, January 31st, I will be in Evanston, IL at the Evanston Church of God. Evanston is pastored by a man that I am honored to call my Friend, Rev. Howard Hendricks.

Next Sunday, February, 6th, I will be in Decatur, IL, at the New Vision Church of God. New Vision is pastored by another man that I am privileged to know, Rev. Dow Moses. I look forward to meeting a new Congregation and reconnecting with some dear Friends.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's not good bye

This past Sunday marked the bittersweet end to a journey that began 9 years ago. It was my last Sunday as Pastor of the Narragansett Church of God. The day, in and of itself, was a day of honor, memories, tears and laughter. A beautiful ending to a wonderful story.

I say bittersweet because I know that God did not accomplish all that he wanted to through and during my time there but I also leave knowing that I gave my all and that it is time for someone else to come in and Harvest. I leave Narragansett, as I intended to, a better place than when I arrived and to God be the glory for that.

Many people are asking, "What's next?" And the truth is that I am asking the same question. :<) Right now we need a time of rest, a time of being poured into and a time of healing. God has not revealed the entirety of the next chapter just yet and I'm OK with that. My decision at this time is known as ministerial suicide by those in pastoral circles because you never leave without having "something better" lined up. But I am not a career Pastor and I knew that going in and I'm fine with simply waiting on God as I obey Him. By no means has my ministry ended. That will come when I breath no more.

I've been blessed with some phone calls and e-mails asking me to come and speak and already have some dates lined up. Those that know me, know I am an Evangelist at heart. Now, after 9 years of experiencing life as I've never known it, I look forward to seeing God do some incredible things.

I promise that I will "keep you posted!"