Thursday, July 26, 2007

AWOL in July

I was recently at a family reunion where I was chastised on several occasions for not writing enough which is amusingly ironic for there are some people who think I talk too much! :<)

I thought that June was busy. Now I miss it. July has been a nonstop flight without a landing. So far this month has been filled with 50 to 60 hour work weeks, a baptismal service at another Church, a near car jacking at my Church, hosting a STEP team of 40 people, a family reunion with not nearly enough forks in the tree, playing handy man on a Senior neighbors home and, oh yes, least I forget, an interview with an FBI Agent. How has your month been?

For some strange reason, the busy season at work did not start until after the Farmers planting season but once it started, it hit with a fury. I've spent plenty of days this month working from 3:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and I've managed to do most of it with a smile. Not a pretty smile but a smile nonetheless.

Sunday, July 15th, we had a Baptismal service. Since we do not have a Baptistry in our building we traveled to Bridgeview COG for what I thought was going to be a joint Baptismal service with at least two other Churches. Turned out that the other service was earlier in the day and they were pretty much waiting for us to get done. Due to the circumstances I had to make a tough call and unfortunately our Baptism was over and done before some of our members arrived. I have a great group of understanding people but needless to say, I won't be passing out "Pastor of the Year" ballots anytime soon! The good news is that several individuals made a public confession of faith in Christ through Water Baptism.

Adding to the fun of that day, just before we left our Building to travel to Bridgeview, a couple of our ladies were at the Gas Station across the street from our Church, when a man car jacked the car next to them at gun point. Narragansett is a fairly safe place to be but we are definitely in the City but thankfully we know that God is even bigger than the City!

This past Saturday we had a family reunion at Rochelle, IL. I was able to see people that I had not seen in quite a few years. It was a memorable day for the most part and I fear that it will be an unforgettable day for other parts! LOL The hi Lite of the day for me was my brothers and I, helping Dad walk around the Picnic Shelter four times. That and playing music again, with Mom & Jeff. It was a fun day.

This past Sunday, Narragansett hosted a S.T.E.P. team from several Southern States. Mostly Teens, this group of 40 gave us a shot in the arm in Attendance, energy and enthusiasm. We held a "Taste of Narragansett" luncheon for them, serving them dishes from our varied cultures although several of them said "this is as close to Alabama food as we have had since we've been here!" Yes, we do vary greatly in culture! LOL

This week has brought a little less overtime, thankfully, but while I was out on my Patio, I noticed that Racoons had torn off the flashing around the Plumbing vent pipes on my Neighbors roof. My neighbor is an elderly woman that could be easily ripped off so yes, not having enough to do, I volunteered to fix it for her. Luckily, they had not done that much damage yet so I was able to replace the flashing into the existing shingles. I believe we should go out of our way to help the elderly. I also believe that we should act on our beliefs! LOL

Well, that about wraps it up from here! ----- Oh yeah, I can hear some of you screaming, "What about the FBI?" OK, OK!

One of my former employees has joined the Military. Apparently the job this person is being given, merits the highest of Security clearances and guess who this person put down for a reference? Yes, lucky me! I've watched a lot of TV shows where Federal Agents flash their Badges but now, Now I've seen the real thing. It was cool and unnerving at the same time. One of the questions that I was asked was this, "Do you think this person can be trusted with matters of National Security?" While my answer was yes, the thought that went through my mind was this, What would qualify me to answer that question? It takes all of my prayers to keep my members from being Car jacked!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Some Days are Head Scratchers!

I have a great crew of people that work for me on my secular job. For the most part they are caring, giving, intelligent people but every so often they give me cause to scratch my head in wonder.

For example, last evening we (Supervisors) were told to let our people know that we would be having a Tornado drill sometime during the evening. Knowing the importance of the drill and wanting to be certain that my crew knew where to go, I went around to each of them, individually, advising them of the drill and where to go, during it. Again, a great crew of great people but honest to God, two of them, on seperate occasions, sincerely asked, "Does that mean there will be a Tornado?"

Some days you just gotta scratch your head!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

07/07/07 & Global warming

So, did anyone get caught up in the 07/07/07 craze? I mean that everything from hitting it big in Vegas to Jesus coming back was supposed to happen Saturday. Me, well, I was at my brother-in-laws having Dinner and setting off fireworks! (not necessarily at the same time)

Sometimes we just go out of our way to be crazy! I mean, honestly folks, do we think this was the first time all the numbers on a Calender matched up? I don't remember all the fuss over 07/07/77 and the only thing I remember about 08/08/88 was that it was the first scheduled night game at Wrigley. (and it was rained out) Saturday was the biggest day for weddings in recent history! I feel bad for the guys too because if you ever forget that anniversary, you are in deep trouble!!!

Me, I'm waiting on December 13th, 2014! Yeah, that's right 12/13/14!I may actually play the Lottery on that day! LOL

Did anyone else find that Earth concert for global warming to be ironically funny? Just the idea of all of these bands and Acts flying in Jets to all of these locations for the cause of global warming seemed a bit oxy-moronical to me. Then figure in the facts that many of the "Entertainers" own several homes around the world when they can only live in one at a time and then it becomes a bit hypocritcal. And don't get me started on Al Gore's enviromentally friendly, Tennesee mansion. (yes, that is dripping in sarcasm)

Don't get me wrong, whether global warming is real or whether global warming is the next Y2K, I believe we have a God given responsibility to take care of our planet. But I sure don't think we are going to "sing" anyone into doing it. I'm betting that the garbage collected from all of the concert venues was enough to fill and close another landfill. It would even be funnier if it weren't so sad.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A bit more Politics

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it hilarious that the only "front running" Republican candidate for President that has one wife, is a Mormon?

It seems that the only thing that the Republicans want to discuss, is how they would have been against the War in Iraq, if they hadn't been for it, first! (a little too Kerryish for me)

Let's talk about Iraq for a moment. Sadly, I believe it is an unwinnable war. That has nothing to do with U.S. policies or public opinion. It's just the fact that the people of Iraq have warred against each other for decades. That's how Hussein came into power in the first place. Holding the lolli-pop of Democracy out in front of factions of people bent on control, is a no-win situation. While I respect and support our U.S. Soldiers, I can't stand the fact that WE are dieing for Freedoms that some Iraqians do not seem to want.

One Correction from my last blog: Slick Willy Clinton, only pardoned 140 people in the final hours of his Presidency! Now, I feel better, don't you?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!

Greetings to you and yours on our Nations Birthday! A brief bit of C-Span that I caught this week reminded me that no matter how much things change, they usually stay the same.

Although rarely short of an opinion, I'm not too political. I try to stay somewhat informed and I generally love the drama of Politics but other than that, I'd rather catch a Cubs game! But the Scooter Libby events of the week were definitely front and center.

First, let me say that I think what President Bush did in the Libby case, stinks to high heaven. It certainly did nothing to improve W's character or approval rating so for the record, I think it stinks.

However, (and keeping in mind that I have no allegiance to either party) it didn't take very long for the Democrats to show their blatant hypocrisy. I find it puzzling why the Dems attack W so strongly at this point of his administration. I'm sure that for the most part, when the history writers are done, that this will be considered a failed administration and that may or may not be so, But just like the Kerry Campaign of 04, they are still zeroing in on the man, (even though he can't run in 08) and instead of telling us what they will do differently, they just tell us how bad Bush is. Note to Dems: If you've got something, bring it. We already know what we have been through.

The C-Span icing on the Cake of hypocrisy this week was none other that Hillary Clinton. Surprised? I was! Not at her being hypocritical but rather the source of it. She and Bill, (remember him? Source of late night talk show jokes about stained dresses and immoral Cigars.) were in Iowa and she was stumping big time. Then she dared to go where I couldn't believe she would. Condemning Bush for Commuting Libby's sentence and abusing the Office of the President! Gaaaaaaasssssssp!

Before I end, let me first speak about the difference in commutation and pardon. If one's sentence is pardoned, their record of wrong is wiped clean. There is no attachment of guilt whatsoever. When one has a sentence commuted, they are simply not required to serve jail time. Their record still has the mark of wrong on it, all fines are still in place. In other words, they did it.

Now, why was I surprised at Hillary taking on this subject? If memory serves me correctly, On the very last day Of Bill's presidency, he signed around 250 Presidential Pardons. Many of them very controversial but pardoned nonetheless. So with Bill looking on in the background, I found it a little hard to stomach, Hillary speaking about abusing the office of President.

Happy Birthday, America! Here's to many, many more! LOL