Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm part of the 100%

In the past year or so I have looked in a mixture of amusement and confusion at the "Occupy ________" movements that seem to pop up nearly everywhere these days. It is amusing because it is quite apparent that a sense of entitlement has replaced the leave of their senses. It is confusing because the abandonment of common sense has devalued the education that their Parents are probably helping to pay for.

Of course it is hard to blame the kids because they are only mimicking what they are seeing and hearing in our society today. The fact of the matter is that President Obama was elected on the false premise that the rich can be made to share what they have gained. Yes, it was disguised in wording called "hope" and "change" but make no mistake, the ideology was from a "make them pay" point of view.

The simple truth is that we are a broken society that for the most part has forgotten or ignored God. This Country was built, (and yes, we did build it, Mr. President) with God as the focal point of our existence. The fight for religious freedom was never meant to be about an abandonment of religion but rather the cherishing and nurturing of it. With our focal point as God, we did amazing things in shot periods of time, relatively.  If you will do a true study of American history you will find that the "separation of Church and State" was never intended to keep God out of government but in fact, was to keep government out of the Church and a great price was paid for that freedom. Now, some apologize if our beliefs make others uncomfortable and we worship at the Altar of political correctness and much like the single parent homes that seem to be building in droves, our Country is paying the price of abandoning our Father.

Some may say that my opinion is the way it is because I don't know what it means to be poor. Excuse me for a moment while I chortle. Both of my Grand-Fathers at various points in their lives worked as Sharecroppers in the Cotton fields of Arkansas. They came from poor, humble beginnings, believing that no one owed them anything but that with a faith in God, hard work and rugged determination they could actually build a Life for their families---AND THEY DID. In fact, their generation has been dubbed, "the greatest generation" and it is because the values of a belief in God, hard work and that no one owed them anything had been passed down to them from their Parents.

I recently heard of a couple that had married young and then went to their Parents and asked how Mom and Dad were going to "help them out in their marriage." I also overheard a conversation recently about someone buying a Home and in the conversation they actually said, "we won't make any payments and plan to live there for the two plus years that it will take to foreclose and save all of that money to buy another House. I think those mentalities say a lot about our society. I would have married Debbie much sooner than I did if I could have afforded to but I was raised with old school values and was determined that if I couldn't afford to buy a table, I sure couldn't bring anything to it. My determination was that I wouldn't marry until I could provide in such a manner that she would not have to work. Yes, I caved but Man, she is gorgeous! ;<)

Yes, we live in a Country where we are promised Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness but no where do I read a promise that we will necessarily catch it. 100 percent of us that live in these borders are promised that pursuit but we seem to have lost the meaning of pursuit and foolishly believe that it will just come to us.

The height of the foolishness is in believing that we should all have the same. The share the wealth mentality. Why do I say it is foolish? Because Christ, Himself, said that we would always have the poor among us and in case you missed it, there is a mighty powerful promise attached to it. Look it up.

Stop depending upon things like luck, gambling and lotteries to change your fate. Stop hoping for change and start living for today and working for tomorrow. Stop waiting for someone to magically come along and pay all of your bills and learn to live withing your means as you trust God. Opportunity does knock but I'm afraid we have become to lazy to open the door.

But the total truth of the matter makes me uncomfortable because I have come to realize that the blame doesn't lie at the doorstep of the government or the Wall Street wizards or even the kids who are acting out what they have been taught. The blame lies at the feet of MY generation as we have given our children much of the things that they should have been taught to work for.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better Life for your children. It has been the mantra of Parents for forever and a day. It was the hope and desire of the "greatest generation" as well. The difference is that we no longer show our children how it is done, we just give it to them. The results speak for themselves. I for one, repent and invite you to join me. 

I feel like we are Nation that has lost its moral compass and in fact, we are. It's time that we return to our roots. It's time that we return to God. It's time that we restore our values and determination. I hope we wake up in time.


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