Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 27th Anniversary to the Green eyed Girl that still lights my Life

27 years ago today, Ms. Deborah Ann McKinney came to a Church in DeKalb IL dressed a pretty as a Picture and just a few hours later said "I do" when asked if she would take your's truly as Her Husband. That was truly one of the greatest days of my Life. While that story of longevity in a relationship may astound a few, the fact is that we have been Friends for well over 35 years and amazingly, we still like to spend time with each other and get along extremely well in doing so.

I usually chuckle at fairy-tale romances because they usually are absent of the reality of Life but 27 years and counting after that day, I'm pretty convinced that "Ken and Debbie" or "Debbie and Ken" are names that will be forever linked and as long as God tarries with this Earth I'm fairly certain that we will be a story that is told. Than again, maybe not but if not, it should be. ;<)

When we were dating I introduced Debbie to my Grandpa Henry. He took one look at her and then looked at me and said in His Arkansas drawl, "Where'd you find that ole Blind Girl?" When I objected that she wasn't blind he said, "she has to be to be dating You!" While to this day, Debbie takes offence to the "ole" part of that story, I really couldn't be offended because I really did feel that way. In fact, I pretty much put her through torture because of my insecurities. She was and is a Beautiful Woman and I was, well, I sure never felt the way that she seemed to see me but blind or not, I sure am glad that she did.

We have been through much in our 27 years together. Some incredibly great things and some things that probably would have torn other relationships apart but we have remained rock solid, grounded in Christ and blessed beyond measure!

Debbie has been a part of my greatest strengths and accomplishments and also connected to some of my biggest regrets. I regret not taking her to her Senior Prom, even she did ask me. LOL We lived far apart at the time and well, I was just stupid to be plain about it. I regret not dancing with her on our Wedding day, even though it probably would have raised a few eyebrows in our religion but Thank God, I am well over that kind of junk today and I'll dance with her any chance that I get. (even though my true rythem is sitting on a Drum throne)

I've always loved the way she looks at me. From back when she was a very Young Girl watching me play Drums all the way till yesterday when after being up all night at work and then spending an additonal 5 hours at the Church digging trenches and soaking up water out of carpeting, I could tell by her concerned looked that I looked the way that I felt. Something about the way she sees me inspires me to be better than I am.

Some may say, why post something like this for all the World to see? Who are you trying to convince? It's true that I don't need to. One look between us says more than most conversations do between others. Debbie will know beyond a doubt how I feel about her and why I feel that way and I would never have to say a word to prove it. So why? As arrogant as it may sound to some, I believe the relationships of this World needs to see role models of people that have made it beyond the pitfalls that have doomed other relationships. I believe in a world, where even in the Church, one out of two marriages end up in Divorce, Young Couples need to see that it is possible to succeed in Marriage despite the odds. I have a Son, Nephews and Great-Nieces that need to see what love likes like in action and not just in story books.

Make no mistake about it, we are certainly not a Fairy tale and I can't promise that if you model us, you will be divorce free. I don't look down on people that have had their hopes and dreams crushed in Marriage. I feel for them. I attempt to minister to them and to convey that God does still love them in spite of what some religious minded people may say. But the fact of the matter is that it has taken work on both of our parts to get where we are, (more on Debbie's part than mine) and work that stems from commitment. Commitment to each other and to God. And it really doesn't hurt that I married my best Friend!

Deb, you are more beautiful to me today than ever and I can't wait to see what the next 27 brings. Happy Anniversary!