Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That guy lost his head!

Click on the Title and you can read the Story. It really has nothing to do with what I want to write but it was bizarre enough to tickle me.

Oh, where to start, where to start. OK, first off, if you want to buy a donut, don't go to a Banker! What do I mean? Back in January I developed this infection in my foot. We still don't know for certain what caused it but it ended up to seemingly settle in the Big Toe on the right foot. It would be OK for awhile and then it would produce these huge painful blisters. Since it originally started around the little toe and appeared to be a bite, the Docs sent me to an infectious disease specialist. After the removal of the toe nail, huge doses of anti-biotics and $15K worth of medical procedures, IT WAS STILL THE SAME!!!!!!

So the thought occured to me, "maybe you should let the foot doctor have a look at this!" So Deb set up an appointment and I went in expecting him to be completely mystified by what he saw and guess what? He has saw it before! In fact, he practically laughed when I told him that this had been diagnosed as everything from MRSA to excema. His diagnosis was this. There was something wrong with the little toe back in January, possibly a bite, but the massive quantities of anti-biotics attacked it as it should but it changed the "flora" (I have no idea) of my foot and a fungus started in the Big Toe. That's right, athletes foot! A fairly severe case but athletes foot nonetheless. He prescribed one pill to take once a day and the Toe looks amazingly better.

So yes, I'm a little ticked and disgusted and I've learned that if you want a donut, don't go to a Banker! I'm not going to lose my head over it and luckily the nail will grow back!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A long, exhausting week

This past week has been one exhausting month. For starters, I am now officially on round three with the infection in my Toe. Three bouts since January! I'm not real happy with that and even unhappier because I know as much of what is causing it as I did in January. I'm trying a foot Doctor on Monday to see if he can help. You would think that after 15 thousand dollars of treatment, I would at least have an idea of what is wrong? I guess that's why they call it "practicing medicine." Sigh

Then, last Sunday morning I woke up in severe pain from my neck and shoulders. The pain almost made me nauseous at times. My Chiropractor has me pretty well straightened out now but I'm afraid my Sunday Sermon suffered more than I did! LOL I have a great group of people that love me. I'm real thankful for that!

Then, I received word this week that a good friend of mine has developed lung Cancer in his right lung. That hurt worse than anything that I suffered with. They are doing more testing to give a prognosis so please add Junior C. to your prayer list.

On top of all that, I handled some family matters in a less than stellar manner and I've got some big time making up to attempt to do. Fortunately, it does not involve Debbie or Sam so I don't have to sleep in the dog house!

Other than that, I've had a GREAT week! If you are one of those that thought that Pastors live perfect lives, viewed through Rose colored glasses, then I hate to burst your bubble.

The Apostle Paul said, "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. 1 Tim 1:15 (KJV)." I have a clearer understanding of that verse today.

Luckily for me, God is merciful. I wear Him out but He is merciful. I'm expecting a better week ahead. Be blessed!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Two of my Favorites

Not long ago, Debbie took Sam to John's Christian Bookstore to see one of my favorite Artist, Todd Agnew. Unfortunately I was unable to go! :<( Something about work and Mortgage and bills, I don't know?

A love for Todd Agnew's music is something that Sam and I share, (Deb too but this is a guy thing, LOL) and also a cool bond between us. Obviously, by the picture, you can see that Sam is thrilled. It's usually tough to get Sam to smile a "normal" smile for pictures. I can hear my Mom snickering now, saying "you're reaping what you've sown!"

I turned 45 back on August 4th. It's really hard for me to believe too because I'm not that old in my mind. In fact, I will still admit to cranking the Car Stereo to as loud as the Speakers will tolerate and loving every minute of it. There have been a few times where it was really funny because I'll be in traffic with the tunes cranked up and people will look, and then they get the strangest looks on their faces because they expect to see someone much younger! Oh well, what can I say? I'm warped and love every minute of it. Besides, my motto has always been, "if it's too loud, you're too old!"

I really enjoy Todd Agnew's music but I truly love his writing. He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, through his music and his newest Album, (OK the 45 is showing, guess I should say CD) "Better Questions" is another fine work that makes you think. And yeah, I really enjoy the 3 pack a day sounding voice too.

I was raised on Southern Gospel and I'm truly thankful that I've been delivered! ;<) Hey, if it's your cup of tea, I'm proud for you. Like what you like, love what you love, do what you do. Just extend to me the same courtesy, Please.

Some may argue with me but I have found that God is not limited by the limits we place on Him. In fact, He can get glory from music that has an edge, just the same as music that has a twang. The importance is not in whether or not sing songs from "The Red Backed Hymnal" or choruses "on the wall." The importance is in the hearts that sing them and even those that listen. So whether you like your tunes cranked to 11, or you get into an old Happy Goodman tune, I say, "Rock on!"

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The wonder of Words

Remember the old nursery rhyme, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Words will never hurt me?" I am of the opinion that who ever made that one up had not only been hurt by words but they were bitter about it!;<)

Words are some of the most powerful things that we can possess or that can possess us. I love Language. Language of any kind. I am not proficient in any of it but just the idea that we have the ability to put into words, our deepest thoughts, is an awesome thing to realize. And then when you get into the study of different langauges it really opens up. Tonight I learned how to tell someone to "behave" in Spanish and it was beautiful! I don't see how someone could be rude in doing it? It's just too pretty to hear!

We Americans have the philosophy that "we say what we mean and we mean what we say," and we are "get to the point" personalities that don't have time for the complexity of language. For example, If you were to ask me how I felt about Debbie, I would most assuredly tell you that I love her and I do so with all my heart but if you were to ask me how I felt about Pizza, guess what I would say? Yeah, I love it. Now, is the love I have for Pizza the same? Not in any sense of the understanding but the language is pretty much the same. I would have to use adjectives to describe the difference of the meaning of the same word.

Old World languages are not like that. For example, In John 21 you have the familiar story of Jesus asking Peter, "Do you love me?" Now reading the King James without understanding of the Ancient Greek, one could easily surmise that Jesus was losing it here, because he asks the same question 3 different times. But in the Greek, Jesus uses the word, "Agape" meaning an eternal, unconditional love that knows no boundaries. Peter would answer with the word, "Phileo" meaning, "Yeah, I love you like a Brother." Two words with totally different applications of meaning.

So why am I on this rant? I'm not really sure. I just find it funny that when we try to express how we feel about someone else, we usually end up saying something like, "there just aren't enough words." Well, maybe there are and maybe we should take the time to rediscover them? Just a thought for the day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

78 years young!

This October, Narragansett will celebrate its 78th anniversary. We are the oldest Church of God within the city of Chicago! That and $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks but we celebrate it nonetheless.

We aren't doing too badly for 78. In fact, this past week we went public with our first website. You can find us at

We have a young man in the Church who has done a fantastic job of listening to what I want, (not always easy to do) and then making it happen. I wanted it to be Contemporary in looks, easy to use and professional all at the same time. I personally think that Dominick has done just that. I'm proud of you, Son!

So, give us a look and tell us what you like or don't like and we will tell you whether we care or not! ;<) No, seriously, your input is important to us. Realize that it is still a work in progress but very soon, (probably even later this week) you can get our weekly Bulletin and you can already hear last weeks sermon in an MP3 format.

If you like what you see and you want to check on setting up your own site for a Church or business, I would love to put you in contact with Dominick Ziola. He's a great guy that I gladly recommend!

A Pastors Revival

Back on July 23rd, while driving back from the store with supplies to fix my neighbors roof, I felt God speak to my heart the following. "You need to call Neil Smith to see if he can come up for an August Revival." Neil & I have been friends for a good many years. We even went to Junior High together for a spell, back when my Dad pastored Indian Trail in Aurora. Although I would consider us great friends, we haven't stayed that connected through the years but ours is the type of friendship that needs about two minutes and a cup of coffee to pick up where we left off. Neil is a man that I greatly respect and admire and that is not a compliment that I hand out too often.

I have felt God speak to me many times before and there have been times when I thought I heard Him and would later write it off to pizza the night before. This particular time I was very confident of what I had heard but I thought, "I'll do it later" as we so often do. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home from the store and the answering machine contained a message from---- yep, Neil Smith! Not only that, but Neil was wondering if I could use him for an August revival! Hmmmm! The funny thing is, other than a brief visit last year, when Dad was still in the Hospital, Neil & I had not spoken in a few years. The time on the message was precisely the time when I was driving home, feeling the need to call. Talk about a God thing!

Well, although we faced a few obstacles, we did have Revival from August 3rd to August 6th. As I expected it to be, it was powerful time of ministry to the entire Church but to none so more than me! During that time God spoke into my spirit and it was during that time that I realized how desperately I needed Him to. Looking back now, I find it so cool that God would use a long time friend, to come in and speak a prophetic Word to rekindle a fire for a Church that I love with all of my heart. What an awesome God!!!

To my friend, Neil, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wise Counsel and being the vessel that God has truly created you to be. To my Church I say, "Let's Go Forward!" And to my Awesome, loving God, I say thank You for a weekend of soul refreshing.

Friday, August 03, 2007

For those seeking signs

Here's one for you! I was at a place recently where they had this little jewel posted. After I laughed out loud, I immediately went to Debbie for the camera. I just had to capture this image. The scary thing is, apparently, they had to put it up! Makes you wonder what was going on at that drinking fountain?

As funny as it is, (to me at least, remember, I am warped) we Christians get just as goofy sometimes. Jesus said, "signs and wonders will follow then that believe," but I'm pretty convinced that we have become a generation that follows signs and wonders. Everyone is looking for a "Word" or seeking a "Sign." The problem is this. That is all they are doing! The funny thing about that is that they would reject this "word." LOL

We have a mandate that was handed down to us by Christ, Himself, and that is to reach the world with His gospel. His gospel does not need a sign or a "word" or a flashy theme or title. His gospel simply needs to be shared with everyone we know. No, you don't have to carry a huge Bible or preach from the streets. How you act in everyday life situations is a sermon all its own. If you want a word, I'll give you one. Be Jesus to everyone you meet, every day of your life. Follow that and you can't go wrong!

Now I know you are asking yourself, "Did you drink from the fountain?" No way! Do you think I'm nuts? After all, I had a sign!