Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the lighter side

I just wanted to take a few moments to share some random thoughts of a warped mind that I find funny.


Poor O.J. Simpson! :<( Apparently his feverish search for the "real killers" led him to the wrong place at the wrong time. Now think real hard with me here for a minute. What infamous rhyme will come out of this trial or will the glove fit?

Hillary Clinton called Dick Cheney, "Darth Vader" this week, which leads me to an unsolved riddle. What is it when Evil calls Evil, "evil"?

Kevin Federline is sueing his ex-wife, Brittany Spears for custody of their children, alleging that Brittany has a substance abuse problem. Do I really need to explain why this is funny? But now I do have to pull out the classic joke. After their divorce, K-Fed changed his monicker to Fed-X!

After a nearly two hour talk by John Kerry, a University of Florida student was forcibly removed and tazed after persisting with questions. Some say the young man staged the event but didn't count on being tazed. So What's funny about that? Students at an institution of higher learning, listened to John Kerry for nearly TWO HOURS!!! By the end of that I'm betting that they wish they would have "ended up in Iraq!"


Have you ever wondered if the "5 second rule" for dropped food came from the provision of Manna?

Have you ever wondered why we pray over food that we call, "pot-luck"? Seems to me that if luck is involved, you are just taking your chances.


What do worms teach their young about promptness and diligence? "the early Bird gets the Worm"

If the Government can now charge a Gas guzzler tax on new Cars that get bad mileage, shouldn't we be able to get a refund on bad roads?

Have you ever wondered if global warming is really caused by Al Gore's hot air?

That's it for now. I feel much better!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts on 9/11

Yesterday morning, Debbie and I drove into the City to go to the Church to take care of some business. It was a beautiful day, almost jacket weather with bright sun shining skys, scattered with light clouds. While looking at the sky I noticed an absence of planes in the air and then it hit me. "Today is 9/11!" And not only was it 9/11 but it was the first time since that tragedy that the date fell on the same day of the week, being Tuesday.

My mind went back to that fateful day. I was working for another Company at the time and Sam was just 3 years old. I had been working some pretty heavy overtime and was sleeping when the phone rang. It was Debbie telling me that a Jet had crashed into the World Trade Center. I got up to turn on the TV within minutes of the second crash. I sat there stunned as our World literally changed around us and then my 3 year old uttered words that I will never forget. "Oh No, Daddy!" I had forgotten that he was even in the room and my brewing anger intensified as I realized that these Terrorist had stolen part of his innocense.

It is a different world that we live in today. With news of any tragedy withing our borders one of my first thoughts will deal with possible terrorism. Politicians have turned the events of that terrible day into a feeding frenzy for their own gain and I believe that one of the saddest things is that we have somewhat forgotten what happened to US on that day.

September 11th, 2001, people boarded airplanes simply planning on going to their destination. It may have been work or back home or on Vacation but through no fault of their own, their destination ended up being a eternal one.

May we never forget that day. May we never forget the lives that were lost. May we never forget that it was a cowardly and deliberate act of War against innocent Civilians simply living their lives. And may we never look at life the same way again. I was able to come home to my family today. I thank God everyday that I can.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What did you say?

Few things simultaneously tickle and aggravate me more than people that have no tolerance for those that do not speak English. You hear it or read it all of the time. Someone gets their nose out of joint because it took a little extra effort to order their Big Mac and they usually end up responding with something like this. "If they are going to come to this Country, then they ought to at least learn the langauge!"

Here is my question. Which language would that be? Because the FACT is that if Immigrants from any part of the world should be banned from speaking their own language, NO ONE in the United States would be allowed to speak English. The fact is that there are several Native tongues in this Country and all of them are American Indian. So if Immigrants need to learn the language, which one should it be? Shawnee? Apachee? Cherokee? etc. etc.

I believe that what people that think like that are really saying is this, "They don't belong here!" My, my, aren't we important? Why do I believe that? Because with a little effort and understanding I can communicate with anyone at a base level. Yes, it takes a little more effort and patience but I believe that PEOPLE (no matter where they come from) are worth it. And when it bothers someone to take the time to attempt to communicate with another person, it really has nothing to do with language. :)

Imagine the Indians taking the same stance toward the Immigrants that we do today. But wait, to a degree they did and they were driven from their homelands for it. Do we want history to repeat itself? Then maybe we should attempt to be nicer.

Now, as far as special rights to those that come here illegally, that is a different writing for another day but just because someone does not speak English, does not mean that they are illegal. They are simply PEOPLE searching for a better life and that my friends, is no different than our English speaking ancestors.

I realize that many that read this will not agree with me and some may want to voice it. All that I ask is that you respond in the Native American Indian langauge of your choice! I'll take the time to figure it out because you are PEOPLE and people are worth it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Keepers of "the list!"

Sometimes, really "religious" people grate on me. Kind of like sand in a shoe. You don't notice it until it irritates you and then it seems like you can't get rid of it. I like to call them "Keepers of the List." The list of what God will forgive and won't forgive. Forget the Lambs Book of Life, if you violate the list, YOU ARE DOOMED!!!

Such has been the case recently involving two "high profile" ministry couples and the fact that they are going through Divorces. One Couple, nationally known, recently announced to their Church that they were getting divorced because their "ministries were going in seperate directions" and the other Couple, not quite as well known but still high profile, had a knock down, drag out, cuss you out brawl in the streets of Atlanta during an attempt to reconcile the marriage. (ain't love grand?)

Besides the fact that two "Christian marriages" are failing, There are several sad points in this for me so I'm going to break them down for you in order.

Sad point #1. The first couple mentioned will continue their respective ministries in different parts of the Country. This is sad to "Keepers of the List" because "God hates divorce" and they are somehow unqualified to continue on. Yes, I truly believe that God hates divorce but in all honesty, I've never found the people going through one to be to thrilled about it. "Keepers of the List" are so hypocritical about this because we could have a cold blooded murderer come to Christ and they will be the toast of the religious world. "Come tell us about Jesus and His love" they would shout but let a couple have difficulty in making a marriage work and end in Divorce and they will be forever marked as unqualified to continue on in ministry.

The only reason why "they will continue on" is sad to me is because a marriage has failed and two people are hurt and they need time to heal and possibly even save the marriage but it is obvious that "the ministries" are more important than the marriage. Some may admire that, I find it extremely sad.

Sad point #2. Too many "Christians" (a.k.a. Keepers of the List) were waiting for this to happen! There is an alleged, "Christian Message Board" that I like to occasionally read. Why? Because, like you, I like to hear gossip and that is what this board thrives on. It is made up primarily of "keepers of the list" that are just waiting for others to make the list. As I read the other day, these two couples were fodder for the feeding frenzy. It was obvious from reading that there had been great jealousy against these couples and that they were finally "getting what they deserved!" The day that I take joy in ANY marriage ending will be the day that I resign the ministry all together. We are supposed to be the body of Christ. It's time we acted like it.

Sad point #3. Where could these Couples go? Is it possible that these two marriages could be or could have been saved if they had a safe place to go and someone that they could discuss their problems with CONFIDENTIALLY? Sometimes, Ministers feel like any acknowledgement of "problems" of any sort will somehow disqualify them from walking on water. Unfortunately, because of the "keepers of the list" influence, we do have to be gaurded in who we talk to but my point is that we ALL need someone to talk to in trust.

Do I have all the answers? Nope, I'm flawed, failed and futile and I have a tendency to like to hear gossip. Are you any different? But here is the good news: 28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28 (KJV)

Is it possible that exposing my humanity could help someone else? Novel idea, don't you think? Yes, God hates divorce but as I read through His Word, I find that He is not toO fond of sin, PERIOD. But I am glad that he still forgives sin. Maybe it's time that we did too?