Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

I am in a rare and unusual place as I actually believe that my Fathers Day Card was mailed in time for Dad to have today!!!! (if not the postal service is in BIG trouble lol)

Today, Fathers day is a bit more special for me because on this day I will begin serving as the Interim Pastor for the Indian Trail COG in Aurora. This is the same Church that Dad pastored in the mid-70's and where I met the gal I would eventually marry. It's a strange and exciting time to be going back to a place I spent part of my childhood. (another strange twist of fate is that Sam is now the same age I was when we moved to Aurora)

How will it go? I have no idea. Am I trying to revive the past or fill Dad's shoes in any way? Nope, wouldn't and couldn't if I tried. I'm just looking to build a future for a place that is special to me. However God does it is fine by me. I'm just an instrument in His hands. (I learned that from someone I call Dad)

So Dad, know that as I nervously fill a pulpit that you once so fervently graced, part of my thought process will be upon you. Thanks for being someone that taught me that God can do anything. Thanks for being one that desired nothing more than to be used by God. Thanks for showing me that circumstances are nothing more than opportunities for God to show up and that faith is in knowing that He will. You are an awesome Guy and I honor you today as I honor a most excellent God!