Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year already????

Man, time flies when you're branding Cows! Or so I've been told.

Anyway, 2008 has rolled out of here like an Edsel and we are staring a New Year square in the face. I'm aware that I've been noticeably quiet but I have been busy so I will try to catch you up on some things.

Narragansett made News! That's right, on page 29 of the January issue of the Church of God Evangel, you will find the story of Harmony Burke. One of our Teens that was a former follower of Islam and chose to follow Jesus this Summer at Youth Camp. All glory goes to God but I am pretty amped about the Church being mentioned in our Organization's national periodical!

Speaking of Church, we have changed web site addresses. Due to some issues that were beyond my control on the old site, we decided to go another direction. Check us out here:
It's still under construction but is now functional for all intents and purposes.

Oh yes, we have a Miracle to report! On Sunday, December 14th at around 1:00 a.m. the Phone rang. It was one of my Members telling me that Edwards Hospital had called and told her that her Daughter, (a mid to late 40ish Lady named Debbie) had suffered a major heart episode while Grocery shopping at Jewel, earlier that evening. Debbie had to be de-fibbed back to life by the local Policeman who happened to be in the area. (The only squad in that Suburb with a Defib) The Doctors report was very grim and her hope of survival was extremely slim.

I arrived at the Hospital between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. The family was grieving. They had found out that Debbie's heart had stopped again in the ER and she had to be shocked back, once again. The Doctors had said her heart was only operating at 10% of its capacity and that she probably would not survive the night. I walked into her room and my own thought was that we would be having a Funeral soon.

The Holy Spirit checked me and I heard this, "What are you her for?" It was then that I knew God was up to something. I began to pray as "a man in right standing with God" (thanks Shannon!) I asked God for a miracle and then declared that I was expecting a Miracle.

I would like to tell you that she got up and wnet home but I can't. What I can tell you is that her eyes, which had been in a fixed stare, began to move around a little. Through faith and the unction of the Holy Spirit, I looked at the Mother and said, "She is going to be all right."

On Monday the Mother called me and said, "no change," I encouraged her to continue to believe. By Tuesday, Debbie was waking up and responding to questions by nodding her head yes and no. By Wednesday, she was speaking in a faint whisper. The Doctors reports began to change to, "we don't know how long she was without oxygen and there is probably brain damage." I was confident that "all right" meant all right!

Debbie continued to improve daily. By the end of the week, Cardiologists and Nurses were coming into her room saying, "We aren't here to treat you, we just want to see our Miracle patient!" By the following Tuesday and contrary to the Doctors prognosis of extended Physical therapy, Debbie went home under her own power!

She sat at the table with her entire family on Christmas day when another miracle happened. Her Brother in law who is basically agnostic, said, "When Pastor Holt prayed, "I'm asking for a miracle and I am expecting a miracle" I knew everything was going to be all right!" I smell a new convert coming!!!!

I share this story to declare the awesome power of God! We are but instruments in His hand and to Him be all Glory!