Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day to remember

February 14th, 1959 a love story began. Today we celebrated the 50th year of that story with an Anniversary celebration for my Parents that was packed with Friends, family and memories.
I am blessed to be a part of an awesome family that is dedicated to true love and marriage with God being first. It was a great day, Mom & Dad! I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter- A Season or a Duration?

Here it is, February 1st, and I am absolutely sick of Snow and Cold. If that Groundhog causes 6 more weeks of this stuff, I say we have Groundhog stew!

Yes, I've been absent and AWOL on my Blog. I changed shifts at the beginning of the New Year and am now working the Midnight shift. It has been a slow adjustment but I think I have turned the corner now.

I do enjoy it though. It is much less stressful so far but that is expected to change. I like being able to see Deb and Sam more although I do admit to being a bit grouchy during the adjustment. I especially like starting my weekend on Friday mornings. Too cool!

Church is going fairly well. Seeing new people nearly evey week and there is an excitement that goes along with that. The bad news is that it was our worst year financially, out of the 8 that I have been here. I'm believing that will change as well. So far, it's like my Golf game. When I get my Drive straightened out, I can't Putt! :<)

Dad celebrated his 68th Birthday this past Thursday. It was somewhat of a let down for him because they were living in Hotel due to the Ice Storm and most of the Restaurants closed early because of a National Guard imposed curfew. He and Mom will celebrate their 50th wedding Anniversary on Valentines day. I'm looking forward to being a part of their vow renewal. Between them, their Children and Grandchildren there are over 120 years of 1st time marriages with no Divorces. That's a pretty awesome feat these days and yeah, I'm bragging a bit. Deal with it! :<)

Nocturnal life is different and I sure didn't think I would be here at 46 but hey----

Till next time, Love and prayers for you all.