Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sad day for the 1st amendment

By clicking on the title you will be redirected to a news link containing a story about the Supreme Courts recent decision involving the 1st amendment. I say that it is a sad day and decision because it's difficult to believe that the 1st amendment was ever meant to be used to harass families as they bury their relation but that is in fact what the Supreme Court recently decided.

The case involves the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS. led by the infamous "Rev." Fred Phelps. They are known for picketing Funerals for our Servicemen who have given their lives for our Country because they believe that we are in war as a punishment of God for allowing homosexuality in this Country. In my opinion, They (Westboro and Fred Phelps) are ignorant lightening rods of nothing but hatred and the fact that they picket the Funerals of Servicemen should not be protected under the 1st amendment but rather they should all be tried and convicted for Treason against our Country.

1st and foremost, (and a "Rev." should realize this) God's judgment has never been nor ever will be poured out by the hand of Man. Look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did man have a part in it? Westboro and Phelps believe that 9/11 occurred and the ensuing Wars after wards were God's judgment against the U.S. I have some serious questions about that. 1. If 9/11 was God's judgment, don't they believe the Towers would have been filled to capacity on that dreadful day. Yes, more than 3000 people is a travesty but the early reports based upon the usual occupancy easily topped an estimate of more than 6000 people in a few instances. 2. If it was God's judgment, why did it affect only the area of ground zero? Any 1st year seminary student would be able to tell you that if God poured out His judgment in New York City that day, New York City would be no more. 3. Why just homosexuality? An honest look at our Nation will draw a conclusion that we are indeed a sinful nation. In my opinion, if God is going to pour out his judgment based on our sin, it will happen because of abortion 1st. Murder trumps who we have sex with any day of the week.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised when I state that yes, I believe homosexuality is indeed, a sin. I fully realize that not everyone will agree with me but the Word of God is very clear on the matter and just for the sake of argument, let's say you agree with me. What then, does that make Homosexuals? To me, it makes them sinners that need the love and mercy of God. People that I am bound to try to reach. Before I point my finger of judgment against them, I need to also take a look at who I was before my conversion to Christ. With all of my faults and all of my sin I was, "a sinner that needed the love and mercy of God." I didn't need Fred Phelps to tell me that. All that I needed was the conviction of God's Holy Spirit. Believe it or not, it still works today.

Will the day ever come that God does pour out His judgment? Yes and when it occurs, it will be the unmistakable hand of God and He won't need Idiots with picket signs in order to get the message across.