Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tuesday, January 29th, My Dad turned 67 years old! This is not only remarkable because of his survival of a near fatal Motorcyle accident but it is also remarkable because he survived his first heart attack at the age of 35. While it is remarkable, it is certainly no surprise. Dad is not just a Survivor, He is quite simply the toughest man I have ever known. Add to that an unshakable faith in God and heart attacks and near fatal accidents simply do not stand a chance! He is one of my Hero's in life and I'm glad we were able to celebrate this week!

If you are a R&B, bluesy, Rock and Roll Guitar fan, then I have something for you to check out. My Cousin, Lynn Childers, has released an Instrumental album this week entitled, "Voyager." A quick listen will remind you of some early Allman Brothers, Dickie Betts with Marshall Tucker, Jeff Beck and several other Guitar Legends. Now, I may be a bit jaded so here is an opportunity for you to check it out yourself. Just click on either of these two links and check it out:
Feel free to download to your hearts content. For 1 buck a piece, it's better than McDonalds and if you dance a little you might lose weight! By the way, Lynn is a dedicated Husband and Father and a veteran Minister of the Gospel! Rock on, Cuz!

I had hoped that the year of the Toe would end in 2007. Unfortunately, it twas not to be. I am recovering from Surgery on Wednesday, where they totally removed the nail, root and all, and basically scraped the bone. Yes, it is as painful as it sounds but I am doing well. The Doc said that I had deep roots! Anyone could have told him that! LOL

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best of both worlds???

One of the early "News" stories of the New Year has me laughing at Society's hypocrisy.

The Story is about a group of Adults bringing litigation against Pop Star, Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana. For those that may not know, "Hannah Montana" is a Disney T.V. show about a Pop Star princess that wants to have a "normal" life so on Stage she is Hannah Montana and by day she is Miley. The show is all about the predicaments that a young girl can get into by leading a double life. In the show, Hannah wears a Blond wig, while Miley is a Brunette. It is a semi-funny show that ten year old boys love but they will never admit it!

Anyhow, Hannah has become such a pop culture icon, that this year, Disney, (never a Corporation shy about exploiting a buck) decided to do a Hannah Montana Live Tour. Ticket prices are so outrageous that some have been sold on online Auctions for as much as $1500 Sometimes our stupidity really amazes me.

Amazed as I might be, the events of this past week or so have taken everything to the next level. During a 12 to 15 second portion of the live show, Hannah uses a body double that lip syncs to a Sound track, so that she can change back into Miley Cyrus for the next set. Some Einstein noticed it and is now suing because part of the show is faked.

Now, let me get this straight. You bought EXPENSIVE tickets to go see a show about a girl that plays a fictional character with a double identity and it upset you that during the show she switched identities by false means? Hello!!! Somewhere a Village is calling and they miss you!

Here is what I think it is. Some "bright" person was at the show when they realized that they probably won't be able to make their Mortgage payment because of how much they spent on tickets. Then they looked around and realized how much money this young girl was making and decided to try and get some back! I have had "buyers remorse" before, but I have never sued anyone over it!

Anyway, back in the REAL world. Things are going well. I hope they are for you too!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weekend at Bernie's?

Just when the New Year is filled with hopes for a brighter and more intelligent future, these guys show up!

Here's your sign!a