Friday, February 19, 2010

Learning more each day

This Sunday marks one month since I left my pastorate. It's funny because in some ways it seems a life time ago but then again, on the Sunday I was speaking at Evanston, I had driven halfway to Narragansett before I realized it. lol

I have found a few things out since leaving that have produced a mixed range of emotions. I found out that there were people from outside the Church that had been giving to make sure that I could draw a salary. I was blown away and humbled at that knowledge and to whomever you were, I say thanks.

I had breakfast with Debbie this morning and we both found it funny that one of the things we miss the most was the Homeless man that we gave a bottle of water to each week. The first time we gave him water he was so excited that he blurted out, "thanks for stopping!" Never mind that we were at a red light! But we looked for him every week and that bottle of water seemed to be liquid gold to him.

Yes, there are people from the Church that I miss and there are some that have acted predictably in my absence. I love them all.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Staying Busy

We had a great time this weekend at New Vision Church of God in Decatur. Rev. Dow and Debbie Moses are excellent hosts and the Church is full of new converts and an excitement of what God can do. I believe that Decatur is going to see a true revival through the New Vision work.

This Sunday I am going to be at the Secret Place Church of God in Oak Park. I look forward to being with Rev. Barbara Karpouzian and their church family.