Sunday, September 06, 2009

Down time

I am spending this Labor Day weekend with my family at my Parents home. It isn't often, anymore, that I seem to be able to get away. My Job demands a lot more of my time these days and the weekends and whatever free time I can manage goes to the Church. I have no regret in that but it is nice to be able to occasionally get away. I vowed to myself at the beginning of the year that I would take at least 4 Sundays to refresh and recharge. Not counting a Church related Conference that I went to in May, this weekend makes 2. LOL It's not that I feel like the place can't run without me, it's just that we stay so busy that time just passes before we know it.

I've enjoyed this weekend, even though it has rained for most of it. I sat out on the back Porch with my Dad yesterday, watching the various Birds fly into the yard to eat from the Feeder. Saw a little bit of everything including a red-headed Woodpecker and a Hummingbird. It was just a good day to spend talking with Dad.

In a little while we will head toward Church and worship together as a family. It will be awesome to see the generations coming up behind us, carrying on a rich family history. God is awesome! So are many of His people!