Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Which end is up?

By clicking on the Title link you will be taken to a News Story and a photograph of the Credentialed required to get into the Democratic Convention. The credential shows a picture of Barack Obama and what appears to be a United States Flag. Closer examination will reveal that the Flag is upside down. The Obama Camp refutes that, stating that the flag is just "stylized" to blend in with the shirt Obama is wearing. Apparently, they believe we are all idiots!

It is quite apparent by now that Barack has serious issues with the United States Flag. I have serious issues with that. I'm all for the freedoms that make this Country great but frankly, electing a man that either doesn't understand or simply does not care about the meaning and significance of our Flag has nothing to do with freedoms and would be a travasty of the greatest proportions. I don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independant or affiliated with any other Governmental party, a vote for this man is a vote against America.

I don't care what his race is. That has no affect on me at all. I don't care how charasmatic and articulate he may be, "don't tread on me!"

Many of you will recognize that an upside down flag is a symbol of a ship in distress. It is my hope that the ship in distress is Obama's campaign. Vote ANYTHING but Democratic!


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