Thursday, August 28, 2008

Observations from the edge

To many people, I am kind of "out there." I kind of relish that in my own "out there" kind of way. Some folks suffer from insanity while I take great comfort with it! Anyway, here are some more random thoughts from the edge of the fishbowl.

Does anybody, from my Generation on, really understand how we can get excited that the price of Gas has dropped below $4 a gallon? Personally, I believe we would take care of all of our energy needs if we could harness the hot air coming out of Denver this week! Talk about Greenhouse gases and global warming! John Kerry melted an entire iceberg by himself last night.

I have a lot of questions for God. Things that I don't understand, things that I don't feel have been fair in life. Like this one. How is it that at the age of 45 I take up running again, I give up eating after 9:00 p.m., I ran 7 miles last week, starving to death and only lost 4 pounds???? It seems to me that as you age, you should get double credits for anything you do that is healthy!!

Another question for God. Why did you create a fast lane after you created people that aren't smart enough to know what it is for?

Why do we make more gun laws when we haven't rounded up the ones the break the original ones?

If a Train leaves Baltimore, heading to New York at 70 miles per hour, and another Train leaves New York heading to Baltimore at 45 miles per hour, why would a guy in Chicago care?

What's the most unexplained thing in the Universe? The front Church Pew! No one will sit there! And if you remove it, the Second pew becomes the first by proxy and everyone moves back. I think that is how we should end the War in Iraq. Fill it with Church pews and then start taking them out one by one!

Why do Insult Comics get offended by Critics?

Is it really possible for a Critic to give a good review? Aren't they, by definition, going against their very job?

Why is it that I really want to see a Movie that the Critics pan? And why is that I usually love those Movies?

Why is there an express line at the Grocery Store? Have we gotten so out of shape as a Society that we just can't wait to get home and Cook what we have bought?

We really could learn to slow down. We just have to take the time to do it!


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